“As Americans, we collectively believe that where you start in life should not determine where you end up. Education is a game-changer and levels the playing field. It is incumbent upon us, as a city, to prepare students to be productive citizens in our communities.”

TOp priorities.


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4/26/2023 Fresno Unified School District Board Meeting

Viewers can reference the full livestream here.
Susan Wittrup

How Do We Make Fresno Unified Great? Let’s Start With a Stadium at Every High School

As a school psychologist and former special education teacher who has worked 35 years in Fresno Unified, I study student learning. A stadium at every high school makes perf...
GV Wire

Watch: Students, Parents Confront Bullard Principal Over Cell Phone Ban

Bullard High School principal Armen Torigian met with students and parents on Thursday night to hear their questions and concerns about a proposed student cell phone ban.
GV Wire

Cellphone Ban at Bullard High Sparks Brouhaha and Online Petition

“We have to call this cell phone confiscation scheme what it is: It’s Terry Slatic’s sacrificing our kids’ safety to avoid another embarrassing viral incident at Bullard Hi...
Nancy Price

Racist Bullard Photo Is Teachable Moment That Deserves More Than Knee-Jerk Response

Like many Fresno residents, I was deeply shocked last week by a photo portraying a student at Bullard High School in a makeshift hood resembling those of the Ku Klux Klan. ...
Susan Wittrup

A Call to Action That Makes Every Fresno Student Excited to Be at School

How do we transform Fresno Unified schools so that kids can’t wait to go to school every day? How do we turn schools into humanizing and intellectually vital places that ig...
Susan Wittrup

Candidate for Bullard High Trustee Seat Already Raises More Than $117K

One Fresno Unified school board candidate has raised six figures in campaign contributions — an eye-popping total with the election still nine months away.
David Taub

Speaking Truth to Power on Behalf of Special Ed Students

Would you be willing to entrust the special education safety and welfare of your own precious child — a child who may be medically fragile, nonverbal, autistic, intellectua...
Bill McEwen